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Les Grands Chaise de France is a wine group founded in 1979 by Joseph Helfrich. Today, the group has over 2200 employees, with a turnover that in 2015 reached 930 million Euros, 75% of which was achieved through exports in 165 countries – a significant share, which owes much to the strategic position of the company, located in the heart of Europe, in Alsace.

Thanks to the many acquisitions of wine companies over the years, the GCF Group has become the largest private vintner in France, and ranks among the top 4 at the international level.

In 2016, this prestigious customer decided to rely on P.E. LABELLERS’ solution for labelling its bottles, thus abandoning German technology and purchasing instead 2 top-quality MODULAR TOP 2320 labellers with 7 labelling stations. Each machine is equipped with 3 FAST cold glue labelling modules and 8 self-adhesive labelling stations (90 and 140 m/min), of which two are fixed on the frame, and 6 have a modular design with non-stop system. A total of 9 formats can be processed, ranging from classical 37.5 cl. and 75 cl. bottles to magnum formats (150 cl.), at a speed of 13,500 bph. Moreover, both labellers are equipped with a spotting system with mobile optical fibres at the machine infeed, as well as with a label quality control system.

The processed bottles may either be standard glass bottles, or have previously applied sleevers.

P.E. LABELLERS took special measures in order to both orient the bottles without damaging the applied sleevers, and to optimise the drying system against condensation, thus ensuring the maximum labelling quantity. The entire project built upon P.E.’s experience, enriched by all its relevant added values.