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Viña San Pedro with its corporate history has actively contributed to the positioning of Chile in the winegrowing industry. Viña San Pedro Tarapaca S.A. is part of a multinational multi-product company the CCU - Compania de las Cervecerias Unidas - which holds a broad portfolio that includes products from soft drinks to liquors.
Viña San Pedro was recently chosen as the “New World wine-making company of the year”, given that it has managed to reach more than 80 markets on five continents. The award was given because the dynamism of Viña San Pedro, its innovation and excellence in making-wine was understood.

In 2015 the company from Chile purchased a MODULAR PLUS labelling machine with 1120 mm diameter equipped with servo motor guided plates from P. E. LABELLERS. The machine is equipped with cold glue labelling and self-adhesive units to adorn the standard size wine bottles.
The labeller does not need to perform special applications for particular bottle sizes or labels; the specific feature of this machine is the automatic adjustment of the cold glue units as well as the adhesive units on two axes, as well as the adjustment of the carousel height. Finally it also has the preparation for a possible optical spotting technology integration.
The maximum speed the machine can reach is 30,000 bph and that today makes it the fastest wine line in Latin America.
For P.E. LABELLERS the latin-american market is constantly expanding and Viña San Pedro is one of the best references in this area.