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Hennessy, Henkel, Procter & Gamble are just some of the companies in the packaging industry for which, during 2016, P.E. Labellers developed labelling machine projects compliant with the new implementation standards.

By paying attention to the customer's production needs, intelligently preparing machine peripherals to a dialogue with the rest of the production line with regard to performance, utility consumption, alarms and remote support, P.E. Labellers has managed to develop new machine control platforms with production management and functionalities.

The change of recipes, diagnostics and basic function reset are managed, in some of these cases, entirely by tablets.
Today, thanks to these projects, P.E. Labellers is ready to take another step forward to ensure that its labelling machines can be even more efficient and performing in a packaging production line.

The machines by P.E. Labellers can support an electronic architecture by running diagnostics with iOS instruments and soon also with Android, which, when the machine is in the frame, show alarm statuses, visual maintenance instructions with videos, manual parts for maintenance/spare parts use related to this equipment and much more. As a result, we are now able to deliver machines offering extremely high ease of use and interaction with the operator.

Our platforms, in terms of facilitated interaction, are the added value that we want to highlight as a market-leading company. In fact, we aim to draw attention to a business choice that shows a remarkable propensity to innovation, with regard to new solutions, and picks up signals from the market, which show that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled operators that are able to maximise the performance of packaging machines.