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The last labelling machine that Menz & Gasser commissioned to P.E. LABELLERS required the development of high production speed labelling types, achieving 36,000 bph with self-adhesive and cold glue applications.

The technical department designing the labeller had to consider the variety of labels to apply, specifically: stamps, shrink capsules and fabric lid covers, with application executed by a self-adhesive automatic joiner unit, with an application capacity of 140 m/min and installed on the infeed starwheel.
The advantage of the automatic joiner unit that applies fabric covers to jar lids is that it offers easy reel loading thanks to the joiner system and unwinding turned by 90°.

The MODULAR TOP machine, supplied with mobile label application modules, and therefore ultra versatile for any type of packaging, is combined with universal format handling starwheels, suitable to manage cylindrical and shaped formats with positive format gripper pad and able to process several diameters with the same set of pads.

The new Menz & Gasser machine was assembled in the pilot yard at the P.E. LABELLERS shop where the company provided the team of technicians appointed to assembly and testing with a 50-inch flat screen. From the screen it is possible to view the complete 3D design of the machine, consult the technical office on-line and check lists of materials to be picked up from the warehouse or during manufacturing, without the use of paper and without requiring staff to move from the offices to the shop.

P.E. LABELLERS aims to install 20 more assembly yards according to this work method, increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing costs and waste of paper. All advantages for P.E. LABELLERS that translate into savings for our customers.